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LGSA 2021 Spring League Registration

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LGSA 2021 Spring League Update


We will be playing this Spring.  The LGSA 2021 Spring League will officially begin play on April 12th.  Registrations begins Monday, February 8th and ends Saturday, March 27th.  Registrations will be online, only.  Ages 3 to 14.  All skill levels are welcomed, from beginners to experienced players.  The age divisions are:  Blastball (ages 3&4);   6U (ages 5&6)8U (ages 7&8)10U (ages 9&10)12U (ages 11&12)14U (ages 13&14).    Each players age division is based on their age as of January 1, 2021.  A player may only play up 1 age division higher, if the parents request it.   (Example 1:  A child was 8 on January 1st, and turned 9 on January 2nd {or has a birthday on any day after January 1st}; the parents can choose to place that child in the 10U division.        Example 2:  A family has 2 daughters {ages 8&10}.  One daughter would be in 8U division and the other daughter would be in the 10U division.  The parents can choose to place the younger daughter on the older daughters team.  Parents, you can not place your older daughter on your younger daughter's team in a younger division; however you can place your younger daughter on your older daughter's team in a older division.  A player may move up a division, but no player may move down a division. )   Registration fees are $50 for blastball and $100 dollars for all other divisions.  


Attention Coaches & Parents:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your league commissioner.

Blastball -- William Peoples (903) 452-4752

6U -- Carol Peoples (903) 238-3273

8U -- Derrick Taylor (903) 431-3349

10U -- Byron Turner (903) 720-9513

12U/14U -- Reggie Timms (903) 445-4270

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    A league that focuses on bringing excitement and fun to girls all across East Texas.  Lear Park, Longview, TX is a friendly venue where you are able to experience true Southern hospitality while enjoying an exciting sport.   Our goal is to make your experience a unique and enjoyable one.  LGSA is governed by USSSA.

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